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Please take the time to observe the below fishery rules. These are also provided at the fishery for your convenience. Failure to comply with fishery rules may result in a temporary or, in extreme cases, permanent ban.

All visitors must report to the Maver boutique upon arrival


1. Day tickets must be purchased upon arrival.

2. Anglers must provide their own round landing net. Triangular specimen carp landing net types are strictly prohibited.

3. No fish to be taken from the lakes or moved between lakes.

4. Fishery feed pellets only (available on site).

5. No surface baits. No artificial baits (no super glue or varnished pellets).

6. Barbless hooks only. Maximum size 12.

7. Inline method type feeders only. All rigs must be free running. No bolt rigs, no float stops or beads above feeder. No exceptions!

8. Groundbait to be fed by a pole cup or feeder only. Not by hand.

9. No night fishing. No fires. Respect your environment!

10. No keep nets unless in matches. All keepnets and landing nets must be dipped upon arrival & before leaving site. Keep-nets to by laid out on the bank to dry and not placed in the water until 10 mins before the all-in.

11. Boilies allowed as hook baits only, no loose feeding.

12. No bread.

13. No meat baits.

14. No feeding floating baits.

15. 50lb net limit. (Fish welfare is priority).

16. When mugging fish on the pole, the angler must remain seated.

17. No hand lining.

18. 16m pole limit.

19. No litter. All rubbish must be disposed of. Any litter found should be reported to fishery staff.

20. Members of the general public are prohibited from walking around the lakes.

Anglers fish at their own risk. Hayfield Lakes will not accept any liability for personal injury or damage to or loss of tackle.

Please note that the management reserve the right to refuse admission and to change the rules at any time. Any angler found to be in breach of the rules above will be asked to leave the premises immediately. Please show courtesy to fellow anglers.

Thank you.

Opening Times
APR - OCT 8am / 7pm
OCT - APR 8am / dusk

Day Tickets

Day tickets must be purchased from the Maver Boutique before you start fishing


Match Anglers


Annual Membership (12 months)

We offer annual membership to those who are interested. Please ask at the Maver Boutique for more details


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Please note the fishery reserve the right to change prices at any time without prior notification. Management reserve the right to refuse admission.


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