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The Maver Mega Match This competition has established itself as the largest and most prestigious individual event in UK match angling today. Since its conception back in 2011, the event has captured the interest of nearly every angler in the country offering vast sums of money to the eventual winner. In spite of the competition's recent beginnings, Maver Mega Match This has paid out over £400,000 to previous Champions and main frame finishers! The Maver Mega Match This event represents the pinnacle of our sport and is leading the way in ensuring both angling, as a sport, and anglers as individuals receive the recognition they deserve.

If ticket sales allow in future qualifier campaigns, the Maver Mega Match This event will pay out £100,000 to one lucky winner!


Maver Mega Match This was first thought of back in 2010 when a former Maver (UK) employee put a proposal to the then managing director about an angling competition that would award the winner £100,000 if all twenty four (24) qualifier events were to sell out. The concept gradually gained momentum over a period of several months and the country's top venues were booked before it was officially confirmed with the launch of the Mega Match This website. Anglers and press alike were understandibly both excited and a little sceptical with a competition like this having never been announced before - a competition that could quite literally change the face of the sport as we know it.


Mega Match This was launched in an effort to help raise the profile of our sport. Fishing, in general, receives very little recognition by way of conventional means when compared to other sports such as football, tennis, darts, snooker, etc. In reality, angling is the most participated sport in the country yet is often perceived by people outside of the sport as more of a hobby or pastime rather than a profession. Angling is an incredibly skilful sport with many individuals who fish at top level dedicating countless hours to a cause they love and feel passionate about. With a lack of high profile competitions and a distinct lack of financial reward to benefit those anglers, Maver (UK) felt the only way to gain any credibility for our sport was to introduce a competition like no other and raise the bar for modern day match fishing. With this in mind, the Maver Mega Match This event came to fruition offering a prize at the end of it all in line with other mainstream sports.


The Mega Match This event is, and always has been, organised, managed and ran soley by Maver (UK) as a company. There is no involvement from external bodies such as the Angling Trust or third party individuals. It is Maver (UK) that have always guaranteed to pay the winner of a Mega Match This final a minimum prize fund of £50,000 with all aspects of the competition being overseen and managed in house.

Andy Power was the first ever Match This Champion


The winner of the first ever Mega Match This Grand Final, and richest prize in UK match angling history, was Andy Power on Saturday 20th August 2011. Andy, a then twenty three (23) year old unemployed matchman from Somerset, collected a record breaking £50,000 - £20,000 more than the previous richest Fish O Mania final at the time - after recording a weight of 39.420 kilos from Larford Lakes. Since winning the 2011 Mega Match This event, Andy has gone on to become one of the country's most formidable anglers winning numerous high profile competitions up and down the country as well as very nearly winning the Match This title for a second time in 2013.

Since Andy Power won the very first Mega Match This title back in 2011, the event has crowned Les Thompson (2012), Zac Brown (2013), Chris Cameron (2014), Peter Upperton (2015) and Jon Whincup (2016).


The 2011, 2012 and 2013 Mega Match This finals awarded the winners £50,000 each. However, as the competition has grown in popularity and more and more tickets have sold, Maver (UK) have been able to increase the prize fund as the competition has matured. In 2014, Middy's Chris Cameron received another record breaking prize when he collected a cheque for £60,000. The following year in 2015, fellow Middy man Pete Upperton received a cheque for £65,000. Such has been the success of the Mega Match This event, the competition has been able to increase the winner's prize fund by £15,000 in the last three years.

The 2017 Match This Final attracted massive crowds


With the most recent Mega Match This final having rewritten the history books again awarding the 2017 winner, Rob Wootton, a staggering £70,000 the event has, once again, reaffirmed itself as the richest and most prestigious event in the whole of the country. Demand for tickets going forward is expected to surpass all previous events with Maver (UK) hopeful of being able to increase the prize fund even more. The Mega Match This event has always vowed to award the eventual winner a life-changing £100,000 if ticket sales allow.

The Mega Match This event is here to stay and remains the event that every match angler in the country wants to win!

Visit the Official Mega Match This website below.

Visit the Official Mega Match This website
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